Time to get serious

4 08 2013

The one thing I needed to get done with my website. I’m not tech savvy at all and learning all of this is giving me headache but I’m determine to get this done. So wish me luck because my brand will one day be my full time employment. CHEE!!!


This Journey Of Mine

13 06 2013

Life has been keeping me busy with starting a new job, my involvement with church, expanding my business and most of all getting involved with Christian events in Hawaii. For some odd reason things are starting to “click” in my life. Is it perfect? Of course not, but I am finally doing things that makes my life happy.

This journey that I am undergoing is stressful, time consuming, and destroys a lot of my “ME” time. Regardless, I find joy in getting my hands dirty and jumping into that make ideas come to life. The support of friends, family, my church ministry, my girlfriend and GOD has pushed me to do more of what makes me “HAPPY”. I pray that this journey of mines continues and that more people join this road of mine that leads them to happiness.

Big things are happening and it’s because GOD has a plan for me


23 10 2012

I’m sad. I wanted to reestablish my company and rebrand our name to “Glorify” but unfortunately that name is already registered (boo!).

The reason why I wanted to change the name is because of my business concept. My whole concept of my company is to promote goodness and entice people to take action to do “good” – Say Good. Do Good. Be Good. “Glorify” would be a great name to remind my customers that what we wear should “glorify” what is good.

Regardless of this set-up Glorified Apparel is moving forward. My future plans to create a website with a blog along with an online store. An online store will help us establish my brand and hit a larger target market.

The second thing I want to announce is our “Random Acts of Kindness Project”.  Very similar to our “Let Go, Let God” shirts where each shirt equaled a meal to someone in need our “Random Acts of Kindness Project” will help support community service and activities I would like to do by putting aside a portion of our proceeds from our shirts. I have a lot of ideas and I can’t wait to do them but you need to wait and see to see what we’ll be doing.

I am hopeful and proud of where Glorified Apparel is heading and what we are doing. Thank you again to all our customers, our followers, our fans, our family and friends for all your support and encouragement. You are helping us to touch more live, share good deeds around our community and the Love of Christ.

Business Direction

27 09 2012

When I first started my business in November 2011 I wrote our mission and vision statement to help me understand the direction I wanted to take with this company. Now, September 2012 I’ve realized my goals, my vision and my mission has changed. This blog entry is to help me understand the NEW direction I want to take with Glorified Apparel. I’m also even considering of changing the name. So dear readers and blog followers please enjoy my craziness as I TRY and find the best route for me and my company.

My new shirts “Let Go, Let GOD” started because my co-worker decided to random act of kindness and use her own money to prepare bentos for the homeless. I was amazed by her actions and found it very inspiring. During this same time I just finish reading the book “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. After seeing my co-worker’s good deeds a light bulb clicked over my head. What if my business was no longer a TSHIRT BUSINESS for me to escape from my mundane work life but rather for me to be an entrepreneur with a business that actually did good by allowing my apparel to spread GOOD DEEDS. At first my clothing line was strictly a faith base product but now I want to be strongly influence of the Catholic-Christian faith, the influence of taking action to DO GOOD and of course the influence of Hawaii’s culture and it’s Aloha Spirit.

 “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” Colossians 3:17


 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” Galatians 6:9


“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works” Hebrews 10:24

Name Change?

Glorified was the name given to me by my friend who influence me to start this business with her but I was thinking of changing the name because of the new direction of my company. At first I was going to change the name to Quest because I wanted a company that focused on the journey. All of us have our own quest and in this adventure called life we have choices. I wanted my shirts to focus on these choices and influence people to DO GOOD, to do more of what makes them happy (Johnny Cupcakes) and to follow their passion. Another thought was to simple change “Glorified” to “Glorify”. So the concept would be to Glorify what is good, to be blessed by being a blessing towards others.  What do you guys think???

Though I’m unsure what direction I want to take my business I do know that I want my clothing company to be a business that will support a foundation to help other non-profit organizations, activities, events and other random acts of kindness. I hope in time I will have a clear image of what my business is and where it’s going.


Jon Jon

Glorified Apparel Update

19 09 2012

Glorified Apparel was very blessed to be featured in the Hawaii Midweek. We were blessed to receive a dozen or so emails requesting to order shirts or to speak at their Church. Also thank you for all the new “LIKES” on our Facebook page. 

Though Glorfied Apparel is growing we’ve come to learn the many things I’m lacking in our business:

  2. Ordering system/Delivery
  3. New designs

These three areas are very important for Glorified Apparel to grow into a strong establish company. Unfortunately, these take money and a lot of time.  am working to find time to design and create more capital so I can offer a better experience for my customers. I hope in time I can have a website up where I can intergrate our blog and shopping experience all on one site. As for the time being our Facebook Page will be our outlet for customers to order, see new designs and learn about our service projects. Alos for the time being I’ll will be selling out of my trunk of my car and looking for venues to meet new people to share my story and my mission. I know it doesn’t some glamorous but it’s getting the job done. Thank you for sticking with me in my journey in creating a business.

At this time I’m focusing on planning our first “Food Drop” to feed the needy. I met with my friend who works at NEXT STEP, a shelter in Kakaako, to plan what we can do. We agreed that making bentos and giving them out for either breakfast or lunch would be the best for the shelter. I have my friend Kyle to help me plan a menu. Kyle and I have worked together in numerous retreats in planning menus and cooking 5 meals for close to 100 people. I am looking for volunteers to help us prep and cook, provide entertain, it can be either playing music or playing with the kids. Also I’m working with my friend who works for Old Navy to have GAP collect donations and seek volunteers to help with “Food Drop”. If you would like to volunteer with me in either prepping, cooking and packing the food or provide entertainment or activities for the kids I would be more than happy. Please contact me at glorifiedapparel@gmail.com

“Click Here” To go to our Facebook Page

“Click Here” To check our article in Midweek

Thank you again in supporting my business and my mission. #LetGoLetGOD #OneShirtOneMeal

I’m on MidWeek

13 09 2012

To my online followers here is a link to the article I’m in concerning my business. VERY PROUD MOMENT!!!



Flushing out

10 09 2012

This blog is long overdue but I took my first colonix last week Wednesday. (Warning: I’m about to be graphic on my experience. This might gross you out – Don’t say I did’t warn you). If you don’t know what colonix is, it’s when you place a tub 3 inches into your colon and water is pushed through your intestines. You are lying down on a bed and legs are spread open. When I did it I l20120910-114757.jpgooked like a man giving birth. Once you turn on the water you start feeling a tingling sensation. At first the feeling doesn’t bother me but then I slowly start to get bloated. After a few minutes I had the feeling of going the restroom. You know that feeling where you feel you can’t hold your doodoo in anymore. Once you can’t hold it in any more you push it out. So to sum up my experience it was 45 minutes of bloating and flushing out the water, similar to diarrhea.

Why did I do this? Well I have a goal to get healthy and lose some weight. I have high cholesterol


 and doing colonix would be a great way to cleanse my body and remove some of the buildup toxins. Here comes some fun facts – I learned that red meat takes 9 days to digest and when it gets digested small parts of the meat is left behind. When that happens is begins to rot in your body causing cholesterol buildup, can cause cancer, high blood and diabetes. The weight lost program is teaching me to eat better and how to portion out my meals. In six days I’ve lost 10.5lbs so I’m happy with the results and this program. With the pills I’m taking it does make me constipated so colonix is what’s helping to flush out my doodoo (This is where you giggle).

I hoping with this program I can weight under 160lbs. I started at 193.5lb and I see myself finish my dieting within a month. Good luck to everyone else who are making the right choices to stay healthy and lose some weight.