24 12 2010

Okay, I shaved my head! And my hair line is receding (my face is so ugly my hairline is running away). I not the best looking guy and my head isn’t the best shape to make me look good. I went to church and people really wanted to see my new haircut but I was afraid to show it. Everyone was in shocked when I told them I was ashamed. “Jon Jon, shame? No way!” Yes, the funny guy who boost everyone else’s self confidence doesn’t have confidence in himself.

I wore a hat the entire time to make me feel comfortable. Then I started thinking today, we posses so much things to be proud of and yet once we find one thing we are afraid of we cringe and hide. There are times where our fears outweigh our character and whatever left of our self-confidence. Then we hide behind something that covers our faults or fears, very similar to how I wore a hate to cover my ugly head.

When we show our weaknesses in front of people who genuinely care and love you, they acknowledge your strength. If you surround yourself with people who feed off attention, they will pinpoint your weaknesses to validate themselves as “better people” (Even though they are far from better).

Who we socialize with also determines your confidence. Friends, true friends, are people who challenge you to be better but yet loving you no matter what. They boost your self-confidence and acknowledge your strength. They make you feel accepted, a sense of belonging. They have faith in you when no else does. They are honest and blunt when you make stupid mistakes, willing to hurt you a little with truth so you can become stronger. If your friends don’t make you feel this, maybe you need new friends (just saying).

Having confidence is to understand your weakness but displaying your strength to outshine where you fall short. We all have faults; we all have something that we dislike about ourselves but usually that’s just one out of a hundred great things about you. People will only see your weakness when you show them; but will remember your strengths far more. An example would be Babe Ruth. He is known as king of baseball, pointing with his bat that the next ball will be out of the park but did you know he also had the most strike outs in history. We saw his greatness because regardless of his failures he had confidence to hit the next fast ball coming down the plate over the stadium.

We are all made to be great and do great things.

Life is too short to contemplate where we fall short. Harness and develop what makes you strong so people will forget your weakness and notice only your greatness.





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