Christmas 2010

26 12 2010

Christmas Eve placed me with great company and new memories. As we sat in the living room, devouring our feast, chitchats of conversations, and enjoying a movie or two, I started to think of what Christmas means. Okay, I know…I’m Catholic and I understand the concept of ADVENT, preparing ourselves for the birth of Christ, to live in righteousness to welcome our Savior but something told me Christmas is far more simple than that.

The thought soon disappeared as I continued to enjoy the moment of creating new memories with people I called family. As I the night ended and I drove home the question returned to my head, “What is the meaning of Christmas?” We become so lost of the image of exchanging gifts and “church” that it has become a routine each year. The pressure of “I NEED TO GET A GIFT FOR THEM” harden our hearts till we find that so called perfect gift for the people we care about and for those we-just-have-to-get-a-gift-for.

(Warning: I’m going to get a little religious and sentimental on you). To be able to wake up every morning is the greatest gift we can receive. To have friends and family to share this blessing is what God has asked us to do. Christmas was taken by pagan belief of the light coming after the darkness.  This time of the year she where we see the darkness times of the year where spring breaks the darkness with light. Hence the birth of Christ was used to symbolize the new light in our own lives.

The exchange of “presents” is not the meaning of Christmas, God told us to enjoy the pleasures of life by living today for what it is. We get caught up what must be done tomorrow that we forget about today. Christmas to me is enjoying the simple bliss of doing nothing with people we love and care about, for their “presence” alone is gift far greater than what can be founded in a box. Materials will not last forever but rather creating memories that will is what God asks us to do.

I think we all forgotten the simplicity of life and small the gifts that count. Mother Teresa said,

“We can do no great things; only small things with great love”

Great love should be shared to those who you love and to those forgot the sense of being loved. Trust me God will be in the center of the room still, regardless if you mention His name. The best way to respect the gift of life given by God is to live it.





2 responses

27 12 2010

So true…I like this.

27 12 2010

Hey Charel,

Thanks for the support and your comment. I will be writing a lot more blogs so keep checking my blog or subscribe to it.
Hope all is well with you,

Take care and God bless

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