I want to be SUPERMAN

26 12 2010

Do you know who is Superman? The DC comic character with blue tights, a red cap, who is faster then a speeding bullet, stronger then a locomotive and able to jump buildings in a single bounce? He is my fictional character I admired growing up.

We all have heroes that we look up to. Some might look towards a fictional character such as Superman or Batman; others will seek role models from celebrities, business people, family members and close friends. These people and characters posses the characteristics we admire and strive to become as individuals. Secretly, we think of ways to become these people so we may be closer in achieving their greatness. Each day people are examining their life and comparing their lives to their role models to reach their level of achievement. There are those who surpass their role models, some who reaches their level and others that fall short. We all have the opportunity to be something great but we forget our own greatness are different from the people we admire. Successful and happy people achieve greatness by also admiring individuals with characteristics they wish to obtain. The different between these individuals who reach their level of happiness is that they analyzed where they were in life, their passion, talents and view where they want to become. They used their time and energy to remind themselves what they want to achieve, putting every action of their lives to reach it.

Superman was a simple man with powers that were greater then many people. He used his powers, talents, skills and gifts to better and care for the planet he cherish, the people he loved and those who couldn’t defend themselves. I admire the character Superman because he always saved the day, doing selfless acts to help others. Superman also had a weakness: KRYPTONITE! It reminds me of how life can be; we all have are own kryptonite that brings us to our knees and there are days we want to give up or it seems we are set for failure but somehow, someway we pull through.

We are all heroes that posses the gifts to create miracles in people’s lives. Each and every one of us is geniuses in some way, where we are more gifted then others. Whatever that is, that’s your power.

I want to be Superman. I want to save the world. I want to save people. I want to care, comfort and console. But we can’t be heroes because the title of being a hero or a heroine is viewed by the people he/she serves. Sometimes our heroic actions will be seen unnoticed or taken as for weakness but are actions in helping others should be their reward and not the recognition. I help people to bring joy into their faces when their bright skies are covered with rain storms. I want to be the arms that embrace them in hugs rather then the ones that rejected them with a push. I want catch every tear that falls from their eyes and remind them that tears are only meant as an escape of happiness to show others how bless their lives are. I want walk with them when you are confused what direction they want to take. I want to remind them how  shoulders were made to carry the heaviest hearts. I want to be the person they can depend on when they feel the rest of the world seems to be too busy to listen to them. “I know I won’t be able to solve all your problems in life, I can promise that you won’t face them alone.”




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