Success comes from helping others

26 01 2011

A customer came to my window (not at my desk because the bank is short-handed) and asked me about opening a new account. “I can help you with that; I’m the personal banker at this branch”. We moved down to my desk (finally doing the job I’m paid to do) and we started talking. I asked her what she did for a living and she replied, “Web designer and product development”. I was like “WOW!” She made a face saying it wasn’t that glamorous but she enjoyed what she did. I told her that I always wanted to learn how to do graphics but I wasn’t too computer savvy. This conversation led me into talking about what I really wanted to do with my life. I said I was unhappy with my education and career choice, I continued saying how I enjoy public speaking and really love food. My customer interrupted me and said, “START A BLOG”. I chuckled and smiled. “I did,” I told her. The conversation started rolling with me explaining my passion of opening a restaurant, working for myself and doing motivational speaking. My excitement was contagious because she offered to help me with my blog and teach me how I could make money. We exchange emails and phone numbers and we went our merry way.

Cute story yeah? I realized people are willing to help other people to become successful. People who have reached their goals, whether it’s financially, professionally or personally are eager to share their experiences with other people. Why? I believe it’s because it gives the person a sense of importance and helping other people become successful helps them feel successful as well. Successful people enjoy helping others become successful.

So where do I meet these people? Well, first of all you need to know what your passion is. When people hear what you are passionate about they become  interested in you because most people today aren’t passionate in what they do.  Sharing your passion is contagious. People around you become motivated and are inspired to do something great with themselves.

People are willing to help you succeed only if you acknowledge to others your dreams and aspirations. You need to have a voice. You need to speak what you want and where you are going. A person with direction and passion attract people with similar passion or attracts people with a high demand in what you can supply.

Let me give you an example. Lets say Geri enjoys wedding planning and event coordinating but has a full time job as secretary. When people ask her what she does she says confidently, “My normal job is taking care of the administration for a private school but my main focus that I do on the side is planning events such as weddings and graduations as a event coordinator.” If I am a man recently engaged and has no clue in wedding planning and base on Geri’s delivery and her passion, I will be interested in what she can offer me. Or if I was someone who is a freelance photographer, working with a event coordinator will provide her with photography package for her clients and in return gives me business. Success is shared when we help others.

People identify themselves by what they do or what they are passionate about. To find people who are willing to help you in your success, you, yourself must be passionate in what they can offer. Associate yourself with people who share the same passion as you or with people who are key factors in your own success. Like how my customer who is an expert in her field of web design and making a profit from a blog. Study your passion, become an expert on it and find other people who are well establish in their field and email them. I am becoming more interested in consulting, marketing, web design and public speaking. I have asked for email addresses from well establish professionals in their field so I may understand their line of work and how to become successful as them.

You will be surprise how busy people stop and help someone else become successful because you asked. Befriend everyone you can, never burn bridges. Becoming successful are just tiny processes of helping others become successful as well.




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