Soy Sake Salmon

27 01 2011

We first eat with our eyes” – Kaka’ako Kitchen: Soy Sake Salmon

Located at across from Ward Theaters, this food establishment was opened by Hawaii’s Best Chef 2010 Russel Siu and co-owner of 3660 on the Rise. Today, a friend of mine invited me to join him for lunch. Kaka’ako Kitchen became our choice to sit down, enjoy a meal and share a conversation. I ordered my favorite the Soy Sake Glazed Salmon, which is a grilled “wild caught” salmon with Kahuku corn relish and yuzu butter sauce. I asked them to prepare it medium cooked because I wanted different texture compared to what I ate the date before, spicy tuna bowl. It also came with a side salad. The dressing was exceptional. It was a lilikoi dressing that complimented the salad and overall flavor of the dish. The yuzu butter fish is what made the eyes go behind my lids. It was flavorful and played well of the grilled char of the salmon.

They serve many local favoites that are reasonable priced and their menu punches a lot of flavor in all thier dishes. Also do forget their bread pudding. *nom nom*




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