I’m tired of everything.

25 04 2011

Poem written by Marie Ramos

I’m tired working towards things that seem like the harder I work, the further the distances becomI’m tired of trying to be okay.

I’m tired of being everyone’s rock when nobody seems to notice that I’m human too. Sometimes I need to be asked GENUINELY, “How are you?”

I’m tired of everything going wrong the moment everything starts feeling right.

I’m tired of hurting.

I’m tired of waking up every morning with a smile on face, only for it to be ripped away by the world during the day.

I’m tired of searching and waiting for the good in people when all they seem to care about is their own affairs.

I’m tired of being told that I have so much potential, but no one is willing to lend a hand to help me reach it.

I’m tired of having to be so strong all the time.

I’m tired of fake ass people.

I’m tired of going out of my way for all these people only for them to forget about it, because even though I don’t look for anything in return it still HURTS.

I’m tired of my heart bleeding for the world, for what its become and for what its done to people.

I’m tired of having a heart so big that it cares so much… which means everything hurts that much more.

Maybe I should just turn my back on who I am and become heartless like everyone else. It seems a lot easier than caring. But I know I can’t because my heart wont let me…




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