Posted Notes Surprise

1 05 2011

Life surprises us unexpectedly sometimes. A few weeks ago I was at church talking with the Director of Religious Education (DRE) and a friend who was discerning on whether to accept a position as a Youth Minister for another church. He wanted my opinion and my help if he decided to accept the position. The conversation continued on how we can implement our ministry into different church and ministry. The conversation was cut short when the DRE asked me to deliver the sacramental wine to the students in class. I ran, bottle in hand, and saw my car covered with posted notes. I dropped off the wine and talk to the people who I though were responsible for this prank. 20110501-090312.jpg

“Did you did that to my car?” I asked.

“Yes,” Carolyn replied with a smile.

I ran back to my car so I could clean up the mess they did. When I got to my car I saw the posted notes had writings on it. As I got closer is said, “SPONSOR?” I stood there in shock. I couldn’t believe it. My front window was covered with posted notes that formed a cross. As I stood there, Carolyn asked me if I read the letter. I didn’t realize there was a letter on the right windshield wiper. I opened the letter and began reading. The letter explained why she wanted me to be her sponsor. My eyes soon became pregnant with tears of joy and disbelief. When I was done with the letter I turned around, walked to Carolyn, gave her a hug and whispered yes. She was my surprise. She asked me to be part of her spiritual mentor in her Catholic faith journey. This girl was someone I didn’t talk to other than saying hi, bye and the occasional teasing but she explained to me that she saw more than that. She saw a person who is committed, energetic, a role model, a person of faith, a person who understood the Catholic faith and a person who could help her strengthen her faith.

So Carolyn, I would like to express how deeply honored I am to have you to be part of my life and adding another addition to my large and still growing God family. I hope I can live up to your expectations and provided you the resources to become stronger in your faith. I promise you I might not know all the answers but I will be there with to find them. I can’t solve all your problems but I promise you won’t be alone to face them. I can’t wait to create more memories with you. Be bless…





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