Confirmation Night

18 05 2011

The church soon become crowded with parents and friends as the students, along with their sponsors, walked into the church. Close to 140 students were about to be sealed with the Holy Spirit through the sacrament of Confirmation. I was the sponsor of four students, a blessing in itself, but tonight felt different. I started to think of the two adults who has shaped me throughout the years of ministry. My God Mother is the Director of Religious of Education at St. Joseph along with her husband as Youth and Young Adult Minister of the AGAPE Ministry has shaped my spiritual life to what it is today. Eleven years of service to St. Joseph and the AGAPE ministry has gone quickly with new faces, some who leave and some that decide to stay.

I honestly I thought my life at the church would be ending soon. I wasn’t thinking of walking away from God, but to step down from ministry and pursue other things in life. My thoughts of leaving changed when I was asked to be a teacher for the 9th grade class. I accepted the position because I’ve dreamt. Now at the end of year of CCD my students have become my family. To see them brings a smile on my face and a headache when they don’t listen. Though they give me stress at times, they also remind me why I enjoy serving. All my students expressed how they want me to be their teacher next year, one even attempted to cry to make me feel bad.

Last night’s Confirmation made me remember my confirmation day and the years it took me to get confirmed. I remember my teachers who prepared me in my faith and now I’ve decided to continue to teach and help my 9th grader students (who will be my first Confirmation 1 class) in their faith journey.

Along with my commitment I want strengthen my relationship with my God kids. I know I have failed multiple times as a sponsor and it seems I’m always busy but I will make a better effort to be there for all of you guys. Please be patient with me. I love you.

Congrats to the newly CONFIRMED from St. Joseph, Waipahu (AGAPE Ministry)




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