9 06 2011

Rejection is necessary in life – without it you won’t appreciate the things you fought for to receive it

Most of the things in my life were given to me or I was just lucky enough that it went my way. An example would how lucky and bless I was to attend to the only college applied to. Then I applied to one scholarship which I received that paid my full tuition. All my faith and effort went into one school application and filing just one scholarship and I was bless to get both. I face very little rejection in my life, except when first told a girl that I liked her in elementary, which totally blew up in my face but that’s for a different blog.

For most of my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter know I am currently looking for different career. I am currently working in the banking industry, which makes sense for person with a degree in finance. I spent hours on editing my resume and completing cover letters (with the help of my girlfriend) and talking to friends and searching online for other opportunities that would save me from my current employment. I’ve been applying for variety position from accounting, informational technology, financial reporting, public relations, marketing, activities counselors, inventory specialist, statistic associate and underwriting. So far I got two emails that explained I wasn’t qualified for the position.

My reminder. My Deadline.

Our careers can take up to 8+ hours of our day. If you look at my position of having a terrible job with the effort finding a new career and receiving two different job rejections then you would have a recipe of pure frustration. Being denied a job opportunity I think is one of the greatest rejections in life. I feel it’s even worse then a break-up because they politely say you are not good enough nor do you have the potential or skills to be successful in our company.

I am grateful that I was rejected to two jobs. When I final find the career I was made for I can learn to appreciate the hardship that I had to go through to receive. There is no glory for those who are given everything on a silver platter. Fortune favors the bold and blessings are bestowed amongst those who find strength when everyone else surrenders to their weaknesses. I learned to use rejection as way to refocus my efforts and use this time to decide what my calling is in life. We sometimes need to hit rock bottom in our career to wake us to up to realize we are made for something more.




4 responses

9 06 2011

Keep your head up, something will turn up soon. I just got my rejection email from aulani.

9 06 2011
jon ulep

Hey Korey, I got rejected from Aulani as well, TWICE!!! haha…I’m good though. I’ve been applying like crazy though and in time something will come up

9 06 2011

Hi, manong! Keep it up, don’t lose faith in what God has planned for you. Time Warner Cable is hiring, if I wanna give that a try. They have good benefits, union contract, and okay starting pay.

9 06 2011
jon ulep

thank you ashley! i will look into it tonight when I get home.

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