Opposites don’t attract

11 06 2011

This became my theory when it came to understanding relationships. People say opposite attract, but I think we got this all wrong. I found strong relationships are built on similar foundations.  E-Harmony the Internet dating sensation understood the concept compatibilities. They state there are 29 dimensions of compatibility – humor, education, character, ambition and sociability to name a few. Each dimension of compatibility builds a stronger foundation for two people to love one another.

If you build a house would build one side of the foundation with concrete and the other side with sand? Of course not, that wouldn’t make sense. You build a home using the same foundation.  A relationship is built in the same way – a common ground where the relationship can grow. Partners must and should have same or similar foundations, values and morals. This foundation is what brings the relationship closer and helps them become stronger.

Now after the house is built do you decorate or create the architecture of home as the same as every other room? No. That makes the home boring. What makes a house beautiful and brings excitement are the décor and the layout. It is the differences in the layout and how the rooms are design with colors and décor that brings excitement. Once again it’s our differences in a relationship that brings excitement, amusement and passion.

Let me give you an example. I remember when I was younger I would talk on the phone for hours with a girl. We talked about similarities that we enjoy such as music, sports and TV shows but whenever something came up where we had a different perspective we would debate our point of view with passion. It was quite interesting. We didn’t hurt each other’s feelings but rather we enjoy the heat of the moment of our differences. This encourages us to try new things and experience something different in our relationships.

Opposites don’t attract, it makes the relationship interesting

P.S. I would like to hear what you think about relationships or what you think of my theory. Please leave a comment on this blog. I read all the comments and reply to each one. I look forward to hearing from you.




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