My cry. My prayer

14 06 2011

I’m a little frustrated. I had everything pictured in my head on how this job hunting would be. Reorganize my resume. Apply here and there. Wait. Phone call for interview. Interview. Place my two weeks and start my new job. Sounds perfect, right? Well life isn’t perfect. I thought I had everything planned out but I wasn’t prepared for this waiting game and job-hunting in this concrete jungle. In my cries for a better career let me start a new cry so my God can help me…

“Dear God,

It’s me again complaining. I know, I did it too often and yet you choose to listen. You know my heart better then I know myself. You know my thoughts and my aspirations in life and yet my dreams remain dreams. So heavenly Father I am begging you for your help. Your direction that I might take the path that you find fitting for me. Strengthen my faith so that I may not doubt your plan. Let me take control of my life so that my actions will produce the results I want in life. Help me find a better career for me. Help utilize my college degree and my strengths and gifts given by you to be successful in my next career. Whatever happens Lord I will praise you. This is my cry. This is my prayer to help me make my dreams a reality. Amen!!!”




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