Mr. & Mrs. Panida

4 07 2011

One of my goofiest friends tied the knot today and began his new life with his beautiful wife.  He is the type of guy who is always happy, willing to help and places God in the center of his life. I saw a different side of him today. Tears were held back but the tremble in his voice could not hide his emotions and love for the person he was about to share the rest of his life with.

“I want a relationship where our values and beliefs comes before our marriage” -Alex Panida

Well said. Don’t you think? My friend Alex proposed to his wife by reading the scripture where Jesus washed His disciples’ feet – an act to serve others. (John 13:1-20)  When he proposed, Alex took a bucket and washed Dee’s feet and said he wanted to serve her for the rest of her life.  Alex didn’t offer to be her slave or to be on a ball and chain but rather to live a life shared with one person in the sacrament of marriage. He made a promise to love his wife the same way he loves the church.

I believe if we share same values and beliefs of what a marriage should be with God in the center there would be no divorces but rather an on-going effort to show love to their significant other.

Thank you Alex and Dee for allowing me to celebrate your marriage with you and most of all allowing me to witness the pure bliss of love for someone and with God in your relationship. You have become a role model to many marriages and relationships. May God bless you and your marriage. CHEEEWHOOO!!!




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