Using Your Network

31 07 2011

Hi I’m John – A.K.A “Jon Jon”.  I consider myself to be a very sociable person. I have many friends across the island and beyond the boarders of this island.  I am currently reading “Never Eat Alone” written by Keith Ferrazzi and co-authored but Tahl Raz.  This book refers how to use your network to become successful or the most commonly used quote, “It’s who you know, not what you know”.

Before I continue I would like to explain my current situation. I am working at a bank as a Teller Supervisor, which means I take care of people transactions and make sure the rest of the tellers do their transactions correctly – a complete waste of a career with a finance degree. I hate my job. For the past three months I have been focused on finding a new career. I’ve been applying to different companies in different positions – so far no luck. Since Hawaii seems to be a poor place to find financial career I decided to apply to the mainland in San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle, Washington. Guess what? Still no luck, I didn’t get a single interview from any of the companies I applied to.

It is now the middle of July, a month and a half since I started my search to find a new career. I just finishing reading the book “You’re Hired” written by Bill Rancic and I started reading the book “Never Eat Alone”. The author made a beautiful argument of how generosity, helping others and using your network will bring you to success. Keith Ferrazzi said “Your network is your net worth”. I wasn’t using my network of friends, their experience and my friend’s network to help reach my goal.

Soon after reading the first two chapters of the book I contacted two people – one who was my old manager who originally from Seattle and a friend who is currently living in Seattle. I asked them if they had any connections with the company Boeing. Both had contacts to see what they could do. My friend also forward my resume to an employee at Boeing and offered to check out other opportunities with other companies in the area.

Using my network of friends, family and colleagues has rekindle a new flame in hopes of finding a new job soon.




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