Don’t give a reason to stay, Give them a reason to return

30 08 2011

It upsets me to see more people leave the Catholic Church. I’ve watch people get confirmed, get married and go through the process of receiving their sacraments to only see them not return to the Church. I’ve watched more people leave the church to find them involved and accepted with a different denomination.

I am not angry because they’ve changed their faith, I’m angry because we failed to offer them a reason to return.  My friends who were once strong active Catholics are yearning to find a community that is open in how they worship and proactive in their faith journey. My friends explained to me they could understand the Word of God better through a different denomination.

As a Catholic and an active member of the Church, I feel we failed to communicate effectively the Word of God. I am not saying we should conform to society because scriptures say in Roman 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect”. I rather think we must learned to communicate and understand the language of today so people may understand the teaching of Christ and use it to be more Christ-like.

Churches such as Grace Bible, New Hope and Word of Life has learned a different way to share the Word of God in a way people are drawn to the church and a community that people are yearning to part of.  They adapted in how they convey the message of God through a LIFESTYLE of worship

I want to learn from different ministries and denominations so I may learn how to effectively communicate with people about Christ.  I want to create a ministry, a community where people are eager to learn, share and worship Christ. I want to offer a reason to return to Christ everyday of their lives.

Are there people out there who will help me???




2 responses

9 11 2011

I want to help with this mission. My ministry is directed to teenagers but will help everyone.

Your faith and help will be amazing. I will add you as a WordPress author as soon as I get on the computer. Thanks for helping, brother!

9 11 2011
jon ulep

No problem! I am grateful I could be a form of service. I enjoy helping every one in thier faith

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