22 09 2011

I feel overwhelmed.  Those of you who read my blog know I’ve been attempting to find a new career for the past couples of months. I’ve applied to different places in Hawaii and in Seattle. Because my schedule with work I’ve questioned my commitment as a teacher for our church’s religious education program.

I want a new career and yet I feel I am called to serve. I would like to continue teaching and watch my students get confirm (Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation) but I am also eager to start a career and life outside of Hawaii. Regardless of my decision of staying in Hawaii or leaving to Washington, I will be sad of either outcome. Staying in Hawaii would bring me joy in continuing to teach but I would be unhappy with my current job position and my difficulty of finding a career in finance. If I decided to leave to Washington or if a career is offered there, I would let down the ministry and the people helped me to become the strong Catholic I am today, especially my God parents and our Youth and Young Adult Director of our church.

To help me reflect on my decision I went to my church’s Adoration room to pray and lift up my burdens. I prayed to God for a successful life, a career and the opportunity to continue to serve. I hope my dreams and goals are parallel to God’s plans for me and that whatever I decide to go it will still glorify God.




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