Accidents aren’t accidents

11 01 2012

Wednesday morning I took my brand new fixie bike for a ride. I rode around my neighborhood enjoying the morning air and the beautiful colors of the morning sky. I remember doing the sign of the cross and praying to say thank you to God for just a beautiful day. It was close to 20 minutes into my ride and I needed to head back home to get ready for work. A block away from house I was crossing an interaction, the vehicle stop for me, I waved to say thank you. I waved at the approaching vehicle coming towards me to ensure the vehicle saw me, the car slowed down and I continue to ride across the road.

I was banged.


The SUV that was approaching me continued to make the turn into the street and hit me off my bike. I found myself in agony, screaming at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t move right knee. The driver stopped and she stayed with me as she called the 911. Other drivers pulled off to the side and assisted me, reassuring me help was on its way. I couldn’t believe what just happened – I was enjoying a bike ride and now I was in the middle of the street, crying in pain. The faint sounds of sirens came closer to my location. Soon police cars, fire trucks and ambulance create a barricade around me. I remember looking up and a saw large vehicle passed by and stop. The windows were down and saw a women face looking at me and she said, “I will be praying for you”. I was no longer in shock but calmed by her small gesture.


I was rushed into the hospital and took x-rays to see if I broke or torn any bones or ligaments. I was lucky enough that left the hospital with just a few scratches, some bruising to my wrist and bruised right knee. On the way home from the hospital I started sharing my incident through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Notifications piled up with prayers, wishing me well and a speedy recovery. A few friends said they saw the accident and person lying on the ground but couldn’t believe it was me who got into an accident. Text messages saying that it wasn’t my time to leave and that God had bigger plans for me. A Facebook messaged said that Angels were protecting me and pulled out in time to save my life. I believe God was protecting me and grateful I had friends, family and perfect strangers praying for me. But I’m shocked what I didn’t do during and after the accident. I didn’t pray. I didn’t thank God for saving me. I didn’t even ask God to help heal me. This confused me. I am active parishioner with my church for more then 12 years. I’ve work in retreats and other ministry events. I’ve helped others in their personal life and guided them in their faith journey to have a stronger relationship with Christ and yet I found myself neglecting Him in my current situation.

I did God’s work but I didn’t have a relationship with Christ. I didn’t love God with all my heart, my mind and soul. I didn’t do anything for a long time to create a stronger and deeper relationship with Christ. My accident showed me my relationship with Christ wasn’t where it should be. I need God. I need Him to part of my life and not just in it.

So God, thank you for saving me. Thank you pulling me away in time that I may live and continue to serve your Church. I thank you for giving me great friends and family who still continue to pray for my recovery. I humble ask that I may to continue to grow in my faith and fall deeper in love with you. Teach me how to love you. Teach me to pray more. Teach me how to become closer to you so I can become more like you and do more of your work. Inspire me Lord and I promise I will inspire others with your Love – Amen.




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