12 01 2012

Dear God,

I pray for strength. For your guidance. To be equipped with spiritual armor to face my demons in my life. The demons that creep in my dark shadows of my heart. Ready to attack me with sharp claws of pain to disconnect me from your grace. Surround me with your Love. Surround me with people who will strengthen my faith so I can feel the warmth of your grace.


I miss my prayerful life when I first got into involved with ministry 12 years ago. I remember kneeling at the side of my bed, with my hands grasping each other as I closed my eyes and prayed to God. My life was filled with many blessings when I prayed and my demons seemed much smaller and my obstacles seemed much lighter to bear. As I grew older my prayerful life began to disappeared. I started to pray only at mass and when I needed something. Now, I’m taking the time to pray. When I find silence through the day, I pray. As I get into the car, I pray, As I take shower and find myself worrying about my life, I pray.

Praying is what keeps our relationship with Christ strong. It’s our daily status updates with God, as tweet, update or post our prayers to Him, asking for guidance, strength, forgiveness, reassurances and everything else that falls in between.  The funny thing about prayer is that God knows what we need before we say a word or even before a thought is created. The reason for prayer is to acknowledge God and give Him praise. It is through prayer that we remain in His grace. In prayer our heart, soul and mind reconnects with God.

So pray. Reconnect with God and you will find yourself stronger because you prayed.

 “One should never initiate anything that he cannot saturate with prayer.”





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