Response: “Why I Hate Religion, But I love Jesus”

28 01 2012

The YouTube video from Jefferson Bethke “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” has started something amazing. I am not here to press his opinion but rather congratulate the ripples of what he unknowingly started. As a Catholic I found his poetic standpoint entertaining but uncomfortable to bear. His mix of truth and false accusations has created a new spark in our Catholic Community. Countless responses via YouTube poetry and blog posts to counter his view points has gather more people to defend their faith. I believe he has awaken the “sleeping giant” in Catholics.

I wanted to personally thank Jefferson Bethke. He has offered something beautiful to this world. His talent of inspiring people with his words has sparked a flame of faith as well given people the opportunity to reflect their personal relationship with Christ. He also made it possible for me to understand my faith by learning how to defend it. After his poem I questioned what he said. It pushed me to find the answers to extinguish my uncertainties of Jefferson’s point of view.

Jefferson speaks of truth, as he mixed his evidence of biblical findings and personal belief into his poetry.  I found a lot of contradictions to what he said and what the bible states – so I questioned “his” truth. I seek biblical evidence and historical information and found my answers to find the “truth”.  As an active and practicing Catholic-Christian I am constantly educating myself about my faith. Yet, truth comes from evidence as well as from a foundation of where it stands on.

“To be ignorant of scripture, is to be ignorant of Christ” St. Jerome




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