Run Your Own Race

11 02 2012

Monday was my second day of physical therapy since my knee surgery. I pushed myself to gain back my flexibility in my knee, bending my right leg further down with each stretch I did. Painful? Yes. Numerous times I felt the urge to swear to release my agony but regardless of the torture I kept my tongue clean. My therapist laughed at me a few times, asking, “Are you going to cry? It’s okay if you’re a panty.” All jokes aside, she pushed and encouraged me throughout our session.

After my session was done I went to watch my friend Christina personal training session a few doors down from my rehab facility (I had to since she was my ride going back home). A quick background history of my friend Christina – she was in a car accident a few years back that left her with a spinal cord injury which left her paralyzed.  Doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. After countless visit from doctors and seeking specialized help she can walk independently. Though she doesn’t have full control of her movement and some parts of her body are still paralyzed, she has defied against all odds to be where she is today.

Trevor, her personal trainer, is a nice guy. With a smile Trevor motivates her by correcting her mistakes to help her walk. “Do you walk the way I taught you? With the motion of bending your knee?”

“No.  I ashamed because of walker slow when I do,” Christina said.

“You are already slow,” Trevor said with a smile.

I started laughing out loud, along with my friend Mark, Christina’s boyfriend. Then I said, “Yeah, you are already slow. So might as well be slow and do something that is correct.”

So there was a lot narrative to help reach to this point but I had to write about it. This blog entry is a reminder for me that there are times in our life we rush ourselves; taking shortcuts so we can please others. Then we realize there is no benefit for our actions.  Our decisions to rush and satisfy the need of others actually hurt ourselves more. There are not shortcuts in life that we can take. We must all respond to the test at hand and base on our own “factors” in our lives we all receive a different outcome or result. Our outcome shouldn’t be compared to someone else. Yes, they might experience the same tragedy as you or the same blessing but their outcome will always be different from your own.

Because my goal in life is to share Christ with others it only makes sense what Jesus calls us to do in times like this. Christ doesn’t compare you to others. He understands that each person has his or her own race. Christ is more concern in changing you rather then changing your circumstances. Don’t rush. Take each moment to do what is right. God presents obstacles for you to grow, not to slow you down. The outcome and result from each person varies because God has a bigger plan for us. The gifts, the results, or the outcome of our obstacles isn’t for you to be presented with an award but rather a new response to share what you’ve gained. I hope all of you carries your faith and believes God has a plan for you. I believe all of us has a purpose in life, just remember to live a good life, stay the course and believe you are meant to do something more.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7




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