40 Days of Feasting and Fasting

29 02 2012

The 40 Days of Feasting and Fasting Challenge is something I started with my confirmation class. We had a list of things to feast on and to fast from. Our goal was to pick three of things listed each week and to write why we chose it, how it made us feel and how it helped our relationship with Christ grow. It was an assignment for my class but I decided to take on the challenge with them. If you are interested in seeing the list just leave a comment and I will forward you the list.

Yesterday I selected “Fasting from Greed” and I decided to pick this because I was lately I’ve been selfish. I would place my own personal needs rather using my actions to help benefit others. “Dear God heal me from my knee surgery. Dear God help me find another job. Dear God help me make more money.” I only thought of using my prayers to help myself. I realized how selfish I was so decided I need fast from greed.

Can I pray for you?

My friend use to post on Facebook “Can I pray for you?” and people would leave their prayer request as comment under her status. I found that to be really selfless. Rather than posting a status about her personal need or venting like what most people do, she decided to ask people if they needed prayers. So I posted a picture onto Instgram (since I gave up Facebook) that said “Can I pray for you? Leave a comment as your prayer request”.  A dozen or so people left a comment asking for prayers. As I day went by I prayed for these people. My prayers led me to the adoration room at my church that evening. I enjoyed the feeling of helping others through prayer. Putting others first in my prayers helped me to have a deeper conversation with Christ and the reward of becoming selfless.

Good Deed

I wanted to share my good deed. Yesterday my manager took me out to lunch to do a little one-on-one and plan my career route with the company.  We enjoyed our lunch and I had some leftovers to take back to the branch just in case I get hungry again. We had some time so we decided to check out the beach to look at the waves because my manager enjoys surfing. As we were driving I saw a few homeless people so I decided to find one the way back and give my leftovers. It was a simple act of kindness that made me feel good inside.




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