So Fresh And So Clean

10 03 2012

I consider myself a practicing Catholic but I there is one thing I’m not use doing yet – confession. You see I haven’t gone to confession for such a long time because I KNEW I was going to commit the sin again. I told myself that I will go to confession once I destroy or control my demons. Demons, the name I give to my temptations and sinful ways.

As Catholics we should be at least, at a bare minimum, should be going to confession once a year – I haven’t gone for over 3 years. I was visiting a parish that was hosting penance service and I had a feeling God was telling me to go and receive my sacrament of confession. I invited some of the youths from the parish to join me and I was happy that three of them decided to tag along with me. While we were in line waiting to be called next to the priest were started to have a conversation. They asked me, “Uncle Jon Jon, what do we say again?” I explained to them what to say to start and what to say so the priest knows you are done saying your sins. In the middle of conversation a lady in front of us said something to me – Confession isn’t only for sins, it’s for you to ask for guidance in anything you need help with. This lady was right. Confession can be used as way for you to seek guidance when there obstacles that led you away from Christ.

One of my sins that I confess was envy. I envied people for their talents, knowledge, experiences, wealth and their career stability. As my penance I was asked to pray for those who I envied. I kneeled and I prayed for those who I envied and soon enough I stop envying them and started to admire them. Our thoughts, emotions, our spiritual and physical strengthen can be changed once we allow God to be part of our conversion. This realization began because I wanted to start fresh and cleanse myself from the sins I committed.

Confession is what helps us to see clearly after being tainted from sin and spiritual confusion. Our sins is what separate us from God and through confession we are once again in His graces. I believe James 4:8 says it best, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”




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