Career: Ministry

12 04 2012

My job sucks! For the past two years since I graduated from college in 2010 with a degree in finance I’ve been trying to find a better career then my position here at the bank. It’s not that I hate what I do it’s just I don’t feel I’m using my full potential and I’m not satisfied with the work that I do. At first I started applying to jobs here in Hawaii and later went to look for opportunities in the mainland. I was determined to find a new career that would utilize my degree and pay me well enough to survive in this world.

Let look at my life 1 year after graduating. Hawaii job market continued to suck!!! I was still in the same company, dredging to come into work. Frustrated with my job and how terrible Hawaii’s job market was I gave up applying to places in Hawaii. My new goal was to find a career in the mainland and leave paradise for a while and start a REAL career. I had friends in Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego so I started looking for jobs in those areas. I left Vegas out of the equation in my job search because I couldn’t see myself living there.

Now let us look at my life in the present – April 2012. I’M STILL AT MY SAME JOB…ugh! I have folder in my email to keep track of the number of rejects I got from all the places I applied to. As of right now I have hit over 130 applications in my job application folder. My job folder was filled different rejects that range from customer service, financial analyst, procurement analyst, auditing, IT, marketing, public relationship, accounting and property management. My decision to apply to these types of jobs was because of one thing – PAY.

I started chasing the money and not what I really wanted to do. I few months ago I realized I didn’t want any of the jobs I applied to, all I wanted was the pay that came with the jobstupid and greedy right? So guess what I’ve decided to do with my life? I decided to find a career in ministry or teaching in a catholic school and to pursue my business of selling Catholic-Christian apparel and accessories (Glorified Apparel). I thought of going back to school to learn graphics or receive a degree in theology, which would greatly benefit my hopes of finding a campus ministry position, but time and money is an issue because of my accident and my knee surgery. Though my career choice is much clearer than before, finding a position in ministry has been more difficult for me to find. But I know for sure that a career in ministry would be a great reward in life, to show people to Christ and change the lives I come in contact with. I stop chasing what would give me the most pay and I started chasing a career that allowed me to share my passion. So here goes…




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