Why Do You Serve?

18 04 2012

Last night I was asked why I come back to church and continue to serve. My answers has changed here and there for the past 13 years of being involve with ministry but ultimately I do it because I have fun helping others by sharing my story with them.

Before I can give you a deeper reason why I continue to serve I need to share a little of my life story. As a young Catholic boy growing up, I only remember going to church with my cousin Allen when I stayed over his house during weekend in our elementary days. I was fond of singing the “Our Father” and saying “Peace be with you” to strangers at mass. Though I went to mass a few times throughout the year and watch the occasional Discovery Channel series of Jesus during Easter, I really didn’t know who He was. It was till my sophomore year I was invited to religious education where I learned about my Catholic faith. I’m not going to lie but at first I went because it was a big social event with friends. As I got more involved the more I realized God and the church would be a big part of my life.

What I enjoyed the most about church and people involved in ministry is the environment. It gave me the sense of belonging and feeling loved. I could easy fit in and I didn’t have to try hard to have people to like me.  As I reflect on my answer I realized that all of us what that sense of belonging – that is why we cling to certain people, different churches, or different groups because they offer us a place of acceptance and that we belong. The church is my environment where I can better myself and grow with people that share the same beliefs as me.

The second reason why I’ve come back to serve the church for the past 13 years is because I’m grateful in learning about My God , who He is and what HE has done and will do for me. He saved my life in some many ways. He has blessed in so many ways that I feel the best way to say thank you would be to become a witness of Christ and to share His love to those who need it the most.

My third reason why I serve and come back to the church is because I wanted to help those who were lost in their faith and to help keep people stay active in their faith.  I was once a lost person. I didn’t understand His plan for me so I blamed Him for all my pain and everything that went wrong in my life. I didn’t know what to do, what to say or who to run to. As youths and young adults it can be difficult to discern what God is calling us to do and to know how to stay strong when everything in our lives is falling apart. I want to part of a revolution that strengthens the faith of church by building the foundation of our youths and young adults. The church isn’t a religion, it’s the people. So I return to serve because of the people I meet and for the people I can help.

Reflect on why YOU serve and come back to God and the church. I want to hear your story on how God has blessed you and why you return to Him and the church to serve.




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