Church Hypocrites!!!

20 04 2012

The blog title refers to the #1 excuse I hear from people for leaving the church. Let grow up a little please – everyone isn’t perfect. We all fall and make mistakes. There are times where we contradict ourselves. An example would be a famous Facebook status “Don’t trust anyone” which means you are telling everyone you know that you yourself isn’t worth being trusted as well – great way to build a broken relationship if you ask me. I apologize if I sound a little disgruntle but we forget why come to church in the first place and why we seek God. We come to church for God, Him alone is worthy of our attention and praise. We seek God because we understand we are broken and we need His guidance and healing.

I, myself have stumbled in life. I’ve been tainted with sin and giving in to self-satisfaction and worldly materials. As Christians, our lives is meant to live in His glory, to do His works and share His love. When we accept Christ we accept Him to be part of our lives, which means if you claim to be Christian we must give Him all praise, speak with kind words, love oour neighbors and our enemies. If we fail, we failed in being a Christian and receive the title of being a hypocrite.  Jefferson Bethke said, “The Church isn’t a museum for the good people, it’s a hospital for the broken” and I agree with him. The church accepts all those who are spiritually ill and seek the healing power of God – so come on down sinners and hypocrites.

Let’s look at Saint Peter (Matthew 16:18). In scripture Jesus foretold that Peter would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed but Peter said he would never leave His side and said he would accept death as his fate before denying his Master (Matthew 26:31-35). Peter broke his promise and realized he was hypocrite. It was at that moment he decided to change his ways, to be transformed through Christ. Later in life Peter was persecuted for preaching the teaching of Jesus. He was sentenced to crucifixion but asked to be crucified upside down –  he felt unworthy to receive the same death as his Master.  Saint Peter was a hypocrite and many people who witness his story could have said he wasn’t worth following. Since his moment of shame he sought to strengthen his faith so he wouldn’t be afraid to be persecuted for his faith. Peter could have also said the other disciples were hypocrites, fleeing away during Jesus’ trial but he didn’t. He looked passed the hypocrisy and focus on his actions that made him a hypocrite.

Message: We need to stop blaming others and pointing out other people’s flaws. We need to stop being hypocritical of other people’s actions when we ourselves carry many flaws. Learn to have your words become parallel with your actions so your life reflects a life of Christ. You may be the reason why people stop saying “Church people are hypocrites”.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi

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