17 05 2012

Parasites are living organisms that feed off your nutrients. These organisms draw nutrients from their host to survive and give no benefit to their host. Sound familiar? It shouldn’t be because many of us don’t view our distractions, our demons or our actions to be parasites. Our distractions, demons and wrongful actions are the reasons why we are not being the person we are meant to be and developing a stronger a relationship with Christ. When we allow ourselves to give into these parasites we are giving away what makes us “good”. We drain ourselves and allow “darkness” to be part of our lives for a short bliss of pleasure – a type of pleasure that only satisfies us physically, emotionally, intellectually but never spiritually.

Our emotional, physical and intellectual needs desire worldly possessions. They withdraw the nutrients from our spiritual-self to obtain these desires. As we continue to withdraw from our spiritual bank we soon become deprived from our connection with God. We then start searching other things to replace this void with material things, worldly pleasures and unholy acts but only satisfying our emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Our spiritual needs connect all our needs together in balance. When we are spiritual strong we become emotional, physical and intellectual strong as well.

ImageThe parasites in our lives intentionally attack our spiritual needs. They enjoy the nutrients of your spiritual-self because it’s very thing that gives us life. Parasites come in many forms – pornography, masturbation, putting money before our love ones or being around the wrong type of people. We need to find a way to eliminate our parasites so doesn’t destroy our spiritual-self. Learn to take control and deny the false pleasures and happiness of this world and seek the fruit of Christ so may be one with Him, emotional, physical, intellectually and most of all spiritually.  

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord” Acts 3:19

  “Jesus set an example for us, and we should follow in His steps. We should ask ourselves, “Don’t I want to grow up to be spiritually strong like Jesus?” 1 Peter 2:21




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