20 06 2012

Two weeks ago I was driving on my way to work and I notice something dangling on my signal light switch. It was one of those pocket rosaries. I felt the urge to start praying, something that I was lackingin my spiritual journey.  It was a good feeling especially because I was heading into work – IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW I HATE MY JOB. For next two weeks I would pray the rosary every morning before going into work and put my special prayer intentions for myself, for people, and special upcoming events.  I learned the importance of prayers but the importance of consistent prayer. Prayer rekindles our connection with Christ and prepares us for the day and the obstacles and blessings that come with it.

Why Prayer Is Important

  1. We need Him – Prayers reminds us how much we need God in our lives. We are dependent of His love, grace, forgiveness, strengths and blessings.
  2. Refocuses our lives – There is a lot of noise in our lives, enough noise and distractions that we tend to lose focus on what matters. Prayer is like the Faith Doctor, it’s our constant check-up on our spiritual journey and our spiritual well-being. Prayer allows us to find meaning and purpose in life with Christ.
  3. Fruitful – Prayers allows God’s heavenly knowledge to enter our heart, body and soul so our lives will bear “good” fruit.
  4. He deserves the Glory – Because God is #1. Prayer acknowledges how grateful we are of our God.  

If you are a disciple of Christ read Colossians 1:9-15. I would post the scripture but part of prayer is to seek God so I’m just trying to help you out so can start using your bible (again). If you don’t have a bible here is link Colossians 1:9-15. DON’T CHEAT – IF YOU HAVE A BILBE USE IT.




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