Honolulu Diocesan Youth Night

23 06 2012

Last night was a joyous occasion. We gather as one community with our youths from different parishes to celebrate in oneness of our love for God and our Catholic faith. The night started with praise and worship and the sound of reggae beats to get the spirit jumping. As the night continued we enter into the physical activity of night – FLEETBALL. I’m not going to try and explain the game because it’s already confusing for me to understand but think of it as a mix of capture the flag and playing tag. Youths were broken down into groups to play against each other. As the first games began the sun begins to set. Soon the complete court becomes dark black with only glow sticks and few lights to illuminate the court.

The activity beginning at sunset is significance because of the theme of our youth night –  “Christ Our Light”. As I reflect into the title of the theme it reminds me of my personal life and the lives that I’ve come to witness.  I have journeyed in darkness before. My life was filled with struggles, unanswered questions and confusion. During these times my light for Christ becomes dim. It’s once we turn to Christ and feed the light of Christ our own light becomes brighter. Part of the closing activity was transfer the light of Christ by giving youths a tea candle light to symbolize that they now carry the light of Christ and they must return to their parish, home, school and work and share that light with others.

Part of living a Christian lifestyle is sharing your love of God to others. We are the bearer of the light; we are the light of the world. (I know this is kind of cheesy to lead this into a song but enjoy)

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