What The “FONT?!”

11 07 2012

Yesterday I almost had a mental breakdown – Why? I started second guessing on what font I should use for my shirt. I was planning on making stickers for my shirt so after I finish work yesterday I went to print shop where they made vinyl stickers. I asked about pricing and he owner said it’s base on size and how intricate the design is. Stickers like “HE>i” is easy and cheaper because it’s less difficult to take out the excess vinyl. After he said that I thought to myself “Man, my font is pretty intricate!” I started to rethink of my font for my shirt design because I want a matching sticker to go with it.

Lesson #1 Keep your design simple. Making your design fancy can take away  the message you are trying to share. Also simple is always better. So once I got home from the printer I started to look for other fonts I could use, something that was simple.  Lesson #2 Get people’s opinion and 20120711-130101.jpginput before making a final decision. Because I thought of changing the font for the shirt I had concerns for the cusotmers who pre-orders for the original font design of the shirt. To help me  make a decision I needed to hear from my customers what they wanted. Using a photo app on my iPhone I placed the two shirt designs side-by-side and posted it on Instagram for people to vote. While I waited for the votes to come in I informed my customers who had pre-orders that font might change and would understand if they would like to cancel their order due to the change, which was stupid because I should have inform them after the votes were made (You live and learn in business). At the end of the night more people liked the second font and my stress of my decision making was gone.

I appreciate the people in my life and my random followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and my blog. I know voting on a font seems small but it is a big deal to me and my business so thank you for taking the time to vote and putting your input.

It’s not too late to get your shirts reserved. I’m only printing a limited amount (for now). Each shirt sold will equal one meal to the homeless. Email me at glorifiedapparel@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.


Be part of a fashion statement where it is helping people in need. “What you wear MATTERS. What you DO makes a DIFFERENCE”




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