19 07 2012

The apparel market is billion dollar market place. In 2011 the apparel industry grew to a $199 billion dollar market from $192.7 billion in 2010. I really don’t know why I am going into such a competitive market with my business focusing on such a  small target market but I believe this is where I can leave my mark in this world – I will write a seperate blog post about my target market later.

Last night I met with my friend Jonathan, owner and creative director of FLYHI Clothing Company, to help me learn how to use BigCartel to sell my products online. I am not much of “techy” but I am very eager to learn. I am pushing myself to learn how to do my own graphics, build my own website, and do video blogs and editing. After we talked about business we talked about his market. FLYHI Clothing Co market is composed of basketball and shoe lovers. He shared the number of business owners and bloggers he has followed and studied on to understand his market – true dedication if you ask me. Bloggers, Instagramers and Facebookers are now sharing this apparel all over the internet and because of this his market is growing.

FLYHI Clothing Co has been in business for two months, 8 months younger than my business where I have only had one product and no online presence at all. I admire the amount of work Jonathan is doing.  He has focus, dedication, ambition and the work ethic to support it. Ultimately, our conversation last night reminded me what I was lacking in my business and as a business owner. I need to refocus and make some sacrifices to make my products into a GROWING business.

I am grateful that I have many friends in the apparel industry, those who print for companies and those who are in the distribution and selling of apparel. Being around these motivated individuals has continued to remind me why I started my business in the first place. Thank you to all of you who are entrepreneurs and striving to share your art with the world.

PS. Check out FLYHI CLOTHING CO Facebook Page and Website 




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