Quality VS. Quantity

24 07 2012

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. In my pursuit to be a business owner, an entrepreneur with a passion, and man freed from financial worries I made some decisions that I wasn’t proud of. Most businesses cut corners to maximize their profits and go laughing to the bank with the money they stole straight from your pocket. In my pursuit of helping people I got sidetracked by calculating how much money I can make with each shirt. I am ashamed of thinking about money and not remembering the reasons why I wanted to make the shirts in the first place – to help the homeless. I hope you, my followers and my customers can forgive me for my mistakes. From this point on my products will be based on quality and focusing on the details. I don’t want to make a quick buck for what I do, I rather have people addicted to my passion and appreciating the amount of work I’m doing to share my passion.20120724-102219.jpg

That is why I am cutting my cost of my shirts from $20 to $18. I know $2 isn’t much of a dropped in cost but I wanted to be fair. I chose a low quality shirt, which I won’t be using from now on – HANES are cheap shirts and not best quality for selling apparel. (FYI – The shirts are a tighter fit). If I gotten a shirt that cost me $2 more per shirt it would have been a better quality.

Lessons learned from Johnny Cupcakes

  1. Quality > Quantity
  2. Build a strong brand with knowledgeable customers
  3. Exclusive shirts
  4. Pay attention to my customers
  5. Pay attention to details


Thank you to all my loyal friends and family for your support. EACH SHIRT SOLD EQUALS ONE MEAL TO A HOMELESS PERSON. The shirt you wear isn’t just a fashion statement of your faith in God but represent a mission to support a cause in helping people less fortunate. MAHALOZ!!!




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