Why This Is Hard For Me

28 07 2012

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting my shirt design “Let Go, Let God”. It was a concept I felt that deserved to be printed on a shirt. In the process of designing the shirt I was reading the book “Start Something That Matters” from Blake Mycoskie, owner of TOMS. Inspired by TOMS and their mission to give a pair of shows I wanted to do something similar with my shirt by offering a meal to a homeless person with each shirt told. So thanks to you I’m slowly earning the money to prepare meals for my sisters and brothers who are in need. (If you are still interested in purchasing my shirt please email me at glorifiedapparel@gmail.com)

Obstacle #1 Faith in myself – When I started my faith journey with Christ I was eager to have anything that showed I believed in Christ. I would buy a brand new bible, rosaries, books to read, and of course clothes. At the time Not Of This World (NOTW) was only well establish Christian store that sold Christian Apparel. After I graduated from college in January 2010 I started of thinking of starting a Catholic-Christian clothing line because I thought NOTW was only  Christian store – I was wrong. I found out there are a few well established Christian clothing companies. I’m second guessing myself because I have the fear that I can’t compete against with these companies. I don’t think I have enought shirt designs or any real concept to maintain a business.

Obstacle #2 Lack of Talent/Skills – I enjoy art and I occassionally draw.  I started drawing in elementary and I continued by tracing pictures or trying to redraw it by copying what I see. I remember friends would say I was very talented. Now, people asked me to do logos or draw pictures for them. I wonder why because I know so much talented and skillful artist that make my drawings look like preschool drew them. The biggest challenge for me is having the experience to interpret my ideas onto paper and putthing them on Photoshop or Illustrator and have it ready to be printed. YouTube can only teach me so much 😦 It would be easier to get a graphic designer but they do charge a lot, even if it’s a smiple design.

Obstacle #3 Money – After reading the book “$100 Startup” I truely believe you can start and operate a business with just a few hundred dollars without the help of loans and using your credit cards. Unfortunatley, printing shirts isn’t a cheap business. Base on the brand of the shirts you are using and the cost of getting the shirt printed is way more than a $100. With my tiny income from working with the bank I would save a portion of my paycheck so would have enough to print a new design. Being frugal with my spending is helping me to save but it does limits when I can produce the next shirt design.  

Obstacle #4 Theme/Concept – I first started with a Catholic-Christian business concept but after reading and studying Johnny Cupcakes’ story I wanted a concept that was similar to his – I know I shouldn’t follow someone else’s idea but just hear me out.  Johnny Cupcakes became successful because he made a joke into a shirt. His concept of replacing famous icons with cupcakes and bringing his crazy ideas to life got people to notice his unique concept. People started to share his story with other people and soon people all over wanted one of his limited designs. His work ethic and attentional to detail in his products and to his customers has brought him to where he is today. At this time I’m thinking of a concept base on my struggles, my journey in life and the influence of Christ. You will hear more about it as soon as my concept gets better defined.

My obstacles might be minor setbacks but I am determine to make this work. I’m happy to see so much support and having people in the mainland asking for my shirts. I am sorry I don’t have my website ready for people to order nor to do have a shipping process set up yet. I have a lot to learn and a lot of decisions to make.  I hope you guys can stick with me and see me make a difference in my life and the lives of others.

Important Note: I love to hear your comments or any questions you might have on my post(s).  Your comments will play a big part in my quest to succeed in my business. Can’t wait to hear from you!




One response

31 07 2012

Dear JonJon, I believe that you will be successful in your business only if you have faith, work hard, with great determination, and really really enjoy your work. Baby steps are ok and you must be open to all your partners and clients. Yes Let Go and Let God. Let Go…, and Trust HIM in all your ways and LET GOD be your navigator. Remember we cannot do it alone.

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