Share Your Story

1 08 2012

I love meeting entrepreneurs. Their stories inspire me to take risk and to push myself to make my dreams into a reality. As a young and new entrepreneur I encountered people who share the same desire of creating a business with their passion. Unfortunately, many of these aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid to share their story or their ideas. I use to carry the same fears as them. I was afraid of someone stealing my ideas and sharing it with someone else. I was afraid that someone who were better capitalized and established would reproduce my ideas and take credit for my intellectual property. But what I’ve learned is that most people are honest people and they are encouraging of your ideas.

I enjoy sharing what type of business I’m in and the ideas and concepts I have.  I share them because what I’m doing is ultimately what I am. A business owner is what he is because he understands why he is doing it. It is different from a job because a job is usually referring to what you do and not why you do it.

The most powerful story teller is Jesus. He shared different stories through the use of parables to share His message and to explain WHY He was here. He wasn’t afraid to share this story or His purpose. That is why billions of people flock to the Church and the teaching of Christ because we understand what He did and WHY he did it.

As a young disciple and entrepreneur I must understand the power of sharing my story and sharing why I’m doing it. In life and in business people believe in you or buy things from you because they understand why you do it. Stories are what bring people together. It creates a bond with friends who we shared experiences with. It allows business owner to connect with their customers and the products they sell.  TOMS is a perfect example. Before TOMS became a large company Blake Mycoskie would share his story and his mission and before he knew it other people were sharing his story.  and the number of buyers for his shoes increased.

The video below will help you understand the importance of WHY.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to share your passion, to tell your story and share your quest to greatness.  All of us have our own quest, our own journey in life, in our career, in school or in business. Tell people what you are doing and why you are doing. It holds you accountable and it reminds us why we got started in first place.




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