Mass Journal

16 08 2012

Many of my friends are taken by a significant other, whether it’s by marriage or calling themselves a couple. I, myself, is in a relationship. My girlfriend and I understand that our relationship is built on sacrifices, communications and expressing our love for one another. If one of us fails in any of those areas our relationship begins to crumble. We need to meet each other half way when it comes to our relationship. We can’t expect to be in a relationship where we or one of us does nothing to maintain it. There is a difference in being part of a relationship and being in a relationship. Being in a relationship is a title you have with someone, being part of a relationship is when you are actively involved to maintain the strength of the relationship.

So why am I talking about relationships? It’s to help us understand the relationship we should have with the church and when attending mass or service. We think just because we are in the church we are part of the mass or service, when in reality we are just in it. Parishioners complain that the homilies are boring but we don’t take an active role of listening to the message. I understand some of our priests are not the best public speakers but they still do have a great message to share. They do their part in sharing the gospel and yet we do nothing to receive it because we wonder off during mass, looking at our phones or dozing off. When we don’t do our part to listen and take part in the mass we destroy our relationship Christ and our experience of the mass.

ImageRegardless of who is giving the homily there is always a good message that can be learned. That is why I’m going to start a mass journal. I learned this from the author of “Rediscovering Catholicism” and speaker Matthew Kelly. Every time he went to mass he carried a book to write down the readings and wrote in at least one thing that he found was interesting or something that he gained out of the homily. You don’t have to purchase Matthew Kelly’s book to start a Mass Journal, you can use an old composition notebook. Don’t need to be fancy, just don’t your iPhone or eletronic devices because it just looks like you are playing during mass. Being part of the mass means doing our part to receive God’s graces. So I’m challenging all of you start a Mass book. To listen rather than hear. To take part of the celebration and not just be a witness of it.




One response

16 08 2012

Awesome! I started a mass journal a long time ago also. It really helps me to understand and live the life God calls us to be. It also helps me to reflect on the Gospel for the week. Allowing us to have a journal makes us want to know more of our Lord also.

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