21 08 2012

I wish people smiled more. People can be so depressing and negative.  Most people are so busy with life that they forget how great life really is. Nowadays people focus on the negative part of their day so it makes them extremely difficult to find a reason to smile or to be happy about. I, myself, forget to smile. I become busy during my work day thinking of new reasons why I hate my job and questioning why this island doesn’t have a good job out there for me. But enough about me, I want you to smile. There is always a good reason to smile. The first part to help you smile is to be positive.

Do the following things every day and I am sure you will be a more positive person:

  1. Write down or think about 3 things that you are grateful for
  2. Journaling – Writing does wonders
  3. Exercise – When your body feels good, you feel good
  4. Meditation – Allow yourself to relax, giving yourself a timeout for your schedule
  5. Random Act of Kindness – Say something nice to someone or do something nice for others

Watch this video – This is where I got the list from to help you think positive.

Find a reason to SMILE everyday, then give people a reason to SMILE




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