Team Butchug

23 08 2012

For my non-Ilocano speaking followers “Butchug” means fat or chubby. I got inspired to write this because my friend started a blog on her journey to lost weight and to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I found it inspiring so I thought I should do the same. Check her blog be clicking on “THIS” ,  it will only take a few minutes to read and ITS VERY INTERESTING.

Unlike my friend, I grew up being the fat kid. Think of me as the brown Michelin Tire. I honestly had no neck growing up – sad story. It was until I started taking Tae Kwon Do during my intermediate school years that I started losing weight. My neck started to stretch out and my belly soon became flat. I maintained a decent weight throughout high school but that soon changed when I entered into college and enrolled into culinary school. Being around food and having a tremendous sweet tooth caused me to gain some weight. I didn’t go back to where I was but you could tell it was my 1st year of college weight. After I started feeling my medium size shirts getting tighter I was determine to lose weight. I got myself a membership to 24 Hour Fitness and started working out like crazy. I was so motivated that I was even preparing for a body building competition but that never happened since my trainer left for the mainland.

My weight always fluctuated throughout the years but this is the longest time period where I couldn’t lose the weight I’ve gained. I’m no longer wearing medium size shirts, I’m weraing XL now. There are major factors that played a role in my weight gain: my work schedule, my eating habits, being lazy, being in a relationship, my recent bicycling accent and surgery I had to undergo. All in all, this has been my heaviest point of my life. I’ve been tempted to do the Body by Vi Challenge but I was introduce to a new program. This weight lost program shows some promising results.  I’ve seen people lose up 30lbs within a month and keep it off. It is a strict diet plan, pills to help increase your metabolism and colonix (butt cleaning). I decided to take this route because I didn’t want to take a meal replacement shake to lose weight and not learn to control my appetite and train me to eat healthier.

I just started this program so I can’t report on the progress. I will keep you posted on my results and MAYBE even post up before and after pictures. During the time being I would like to wish my buddy Riana good luck on her journey and to everyone else who are making the choice to live a better lifestyle.




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