Day 1

5 09 2012

Today isn’t really my first day of dieting. It started on Sunday when I got to binge on food. I ate everything I wanted to eat and ate when I didn’t feel like it. This I must say is the fun part of the diet. After stuffing my face for the past two days I moved on to the next phase of my diet – 500 calories a day plan. I know it might sound crazy but it isn’t that bad. I eat only lunch and dinner and one apple in between. My meals are portioned out with just one vegetable and either boiled or grilled meat.

This morning I was feeling a little lighted headed because of the lower calorie intake but overall today wasn’t that bad. I drank a lot of water and snacked on ice when I got hungry. I don’t see any results but I will report on my progress as time passes. I hope all my other friends are getting on the health lifestyle bandwagon.




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