Glorified Apparel Update

19 09 2012

Glorified Apparel was very blessed to be featured in the Hawaii Midweek. We were blessed to receive a dozen or so emails requesting to order shirts or to speak at their Church. Also thank you for all the new “LIKES” on our Facebook page. 

Though Glorfied Apparel is growing we’ve come to learn the many things I’m lacking in our business:

  2. Ordering system/Delivery
  3. New designs

These three areas are very important for Glorified Apparel to grow into a strong establish company. Unfortunately, these take money and a lot of time.  am working to find time to design and create more capital so I can offer a better experience for my customers. I hope in time I can have a website up where I can intergrate our blog and shopping experience all on one site. As for the time being our Facebook Page will be our outlet for customers to order, see new designs and learn about our service projects. Alos for the time being I’ll will be selling out of my trunk of my car and looking for venues to meet new people to share my story and my mission. I know it doesn’t some glamorous but it’s getting the job done. Thank you for sticking with me in my journey in creating a business.

At this time I’m focusing on planning our first “Food Drop” to feed the needy. I met with my friend who works at NEXT STEP, a shelter in Kakaako, to plan what we can do. We agreed that making bentos and giving them out for either breakfast or lunch would be the best for the shelter. I have my friend Kyle to help me plan a menu. Kyle and I have worked together in numerous retreats in planning menus and cooking 5 meals for close to 100 people. I am looking for volunteers to help us prep and cook, provide entertain, it can be either playing music or playing with the kids. Also I’m working with my friend who works for Old Navy to have GAP collect donations and seek volunteers to help with “Food Drop”. If you would like to volunteer with me in either prepping, cooking and packing the food or provide entertainment or activities for the kids I would be more than happy. Please contact me at

“Click Here” To go to our Facebook Page

“Click Here” To check our article in Midweek

Thank you again in supporting my business and my mission. #LetGoLetGOD #OneShirtOneMeal




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