23 10 2012

I’m sad. I wanted to reestablish my company and rebrand our name to “Glorify” but unfortunately that name is already registered (boo!).

The reason why I wanted to change the name is because of my business concept. My whole concept of my company is to promote goodness and entice people to take action to do “good” – Say Good. Do Good. Be Good. “Glorify” would be a great name to remind my customers that what we wear should “glorify” what is good.

Regardless of this set-up Glorified Apparel is moving forward. My future plans to create a website with a blog along with an online store. An online store will help us establish my brand and hit a larger target market.

The second thing I want to announce is our “Random Acts of Kindness Project”.  Very similar to our “Let Go, Let God” shirts where each shirt equaled a meal to someone in need our “Random Acts of Kindness Project” will help support community service and activities I would like to do by putting aside a portion of our proceeds from our shirts. I have a lot of ideas and I can’t wait to do them but you need to wait and see to see what we’ll be doing.

I am hopeful and proud of where Glorified Apparel is heading and what we are doing. Thank you again to all our customers, our followers, our fans, our family and friends for all your support and encouragement. You are helping us to touch more live, share good deeds around our community and the Love of Christ.




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