Flushing out

10 09 2012

This blog is long overdue but I took my first colonix last week Wednesday. (Warning: I’m about to be graphic on my experience. This might gross you out – Don’t say I did’t warn you). If you don’t know what colonix is, it’s when you place a tub 3 inches into your colon and water is pushed through your intestines. You are lying down on a bed and legs are spread open. When I did it I l20120910-114757.jpgooked like a man giving birth. Once you turn on the water you start feeling a tingling sensation. At first the feeling doesn’t bother me but then I slowly start to get bloated. After a few minutes I had the feeling of going the restroom. You know that feeling where you feel you can’t hold your doodoo in anymore. Once you can’t hold it in any more you push it out. So to sum up my experience it was 45 minutes of bloating and flushing out the water, similar to diarrhea.

Why did I do this? Well I have a goal to get healthy and lose some weight. I have high cholesterol


 and doing colonix would be a great way to cleanse my body and remove some of the buildup toxins. Here comes some fun facts – I learned that red meat takes 9 days to digest and when it gets digested small parts of the meat is left behind. When that happens is begins to rot in your body causing cholesterol buildup, can cause cancer, high blood and diabetes. The weight lost program is teaching me to eat better and how to portion out my meals. In six days I’ve lost 10.5lbs so I’m happy with the results and this program. With the pills I’m taking it does make me constipated so colonix is what’s helping to flush out my doodoo (This is where you giggle).

I hoping with this program I can weight under 160lbs. I started at 193.5lb and I see myself finish my dieting within a month. Good luck to everyone else who are making the right choices to stay healthy and lose some weight.




Day 1

5 09 2012

Today isn’t really my first day of dieting. It started on Sunday when I got to binge on food. I ate everything I wanted to eat and ate when I didn’t feel like it. This I must say is the fun part of the diet. After stuffing my face for the past two days I moved on to the next phase of my diet – 500 calories a day plan. I know it might sound crazy but it isn’t that bad. I eat only lunch and dinner and one apple in between. My meals are portioned out with just one vegetable and either boiled or grilled meat.

This morning I was feeling a little lighted headed because of the lower calorie intake but overall today wasn’t that bad. I drank a lot of water and snacked on ice when I got hungry. I don’t see any results but I will report on my progress as time passes. I hope all my other friends are getting on the health lifestyle bandwagon.

Team Butchug

23 08 2012

For my non-Ilocano speaking followers “Butchug” means fat or chubby. I got inspired to write this because my friend started a blog on her journey to lost weight and to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I found it inspiring so I thought I should do the same. Check her blog be clicking on “THIS” ,  it will only take a few minutes to read and ITS VERY INTERESTING.

Unlike my friend, I grew up being the fat kid. Think of me as the brown Michelin Tire. I honestly had no neck growing up – sad story. It was until I started taking Tae Kwon Do during my intermediate school years that I started losing weight. My neck started to stretch out and my belly soon became flat. I maintained a decent weight throughout high school but that soon changed when I entered into college and enrolled into culinary school. Being around food and having a tremendous sweet tooth caused me to gain some weight. I didn’t go back to where I was but you could tell it was my 1st year of college weight. After I started feeling my medium size shirts getting tighter I was determine to lose weight. I got myself a membership to 24 Hour Fitness and started working out like crazy. I was so motivated that I was even preparing for a body building competition but that never happened since my trainer left for the mainland.

My weight always fluctuated throughout the years but this is the longest time period where I couldn’t lose the weight I’ve gained. I’m no longer wearing medium size shirts, I’m weraing XL now. There are major factors that played a role in my weight gain: my work schedule, my eating habits, being lazy, being in a relationship, my recent bicycling accent and surgery I had to undergo. All in all, this has been my heaviest point of my life. I’ve been tempted to do the Body by Vi Challenge but I was introduce to a new program. This weight lost program shows some promising results.  I’ve seen people lose up 30lbs within a month and keep it off. It is a strict diet plan, pills to help increase your metabolism and colonix (butt cleaning). I decided to take this route because I didn’t want to take a meal replacement shake to lose weight and not learn to control my appetite and train me to eat healthier.

I just started this program so I can’t report on the progress. I will keep you posted on my results and MAYBE even post up before and after pictures. During the time being I would like to wish my buddy Riana good luck on her journey and to everyone else who are making the choice to live a better lifestyle.