23 10 2012

I’m sad. I wanted to reestablish my company and rebrand our name to “Glorify” but unfortunately that name is already registered (boo!).

The reason why I wanted to change the name is because of my business concept. My whole concept of my company is to promote goodness and entice people to take action to do “good” – Say Good. Do Good. Be Good. “Glorify” would be a great name to remind my customers that what we wear should “glorify” what is good.

Regardless of this set-up Glorified Apparel is moving forward. My future plans to create a website with a blog along with an online store. An online store will help us establish my brand and hit a larger target market.

The second thing I want to announce is our “Random Acts of Kindness Project”.  Very similar to our “Let Go, Let God” shirts where each shirt equaled a meal to someone in need our “Random Acts of Kindness Project” will help support community service and activities I would like to do by putting aside a portion of our proceeds from our shirts. I have a lot of ideas and I can’t wait to do them but you need to wait and see to see what we’ll be doing.

I am hopeful and proud of where Glorified Apparel is heading and what we are doing. Thank you again to all our customers, our followers, our fans, our family and friends for all your support and encouragement. You are helping us to touch more live, share good deeds around our community and the Love of Christ.


Moving Forward

15 08 2012

Hey blog followers! I hope everyone is doing well. I do apologize for my absence for the past couple of weeks. If you haven’t known I got my “Let Go, Let God” Shirts printed and I’ve been busy packing, marketing, delivering and just recently reordering because of the demand of my shirts. I can’t believe the amount of help from friends who are promoting my shirt on Instagram and Facebook. At first I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to sell the shirts because of the low response but people started ordering shirts once they saw that I actually printed it. Friends liked the fact it isn’t the typical shirt. Others enjoy the simple concept of the design, which I first thought it wouldn’t appeal to many people but I was wrong. A large amount of my supporters purchase a shirt because of the mission that came with it – One Shirt equals One Meal to feed someone in need. Whatever the reason is I am just grateful for those who are supporting my dream to start something that matters and being part of my mission to help other people and inspire others to take an active role in people’s lives.20120814-162028.jpg

If you want to check out for upcoming shirt designs, scriptures, events and blog posts then please like my business fan page. Thank you everyone in advance for your continuous support. You are helping me make a difference in this world. “Share Christ. Stay Blessed”


Why This Is Hard For Me

28 07 2012

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting my shirt design “Let Go, Let God”. It was a concept I felt that deserved to be printed on a shirt. In the process of designing the shirt I was reading the book “Start Something That Matters” from Blake Mycoskie, owner of TOMS. Inspired by TOMS and their mission to give a pair of shows I wanted to do something similar with my shirt by offering a meal to a homeless person with each shirt told. So thanks to you I’m slowly earning the money to prepare meals for my sisters and brothers who are in need. (If you are still interested in purchasing my shirt please email me at glorifiedapparel@gmail.com)

Obstacle #1 Faith in myself – When I started my faith journey with Christ I was eager to have anything that showed I believed in Christ. I would buy a brand new bible, rosaries, books to read, and of course clothes. At the time Not Of This World (NOTW) was only well establish Christian store that sold Christian Apparel. After I graduated from college in January 2010 I started of thinking of starting a Catholic-Christian clothing line because I thought NOTW was only  Christian store – I was wrong. I found out there are a few well established Christian clothing companies. I’m second guessing myself because I have the fear that I can’t compete against with these companies. I don’t think I have enought shirt designs or any real concept to maintain a business.

Obstacle #2 Lack of Talent/Skills – I enjoy art and I occassionally draw.  I started drawing in elementary and I continued by tracing pictures or trying to redraw it by copying what I see. I remember friends would say I was very talented. Now, people asked me to do logos or draw pictures for them. I wonder why because I know so much talented and skillful artist that make my drawings look like preschool drew them. The biggest challenge for me is having the experience to interpret my ideas onto paper and putthing them on Photoshop or Illustrator and have it ready to be printed. YouTube can only teach me so much 😦 It would be easier to get a graphic designer but they do charge a lot, even if it’s a smiple design.

Obstacle #3 Money – After reading the book “$100 Startup” I truely believe you can start and operate a business with just a few hundred dollars without the help of loans and using your credit cards. Unfortunatley, printing shirts isn’t a cheap business. Base on the brand of the shirts you are using and the cost of getting the shirt printed is way more than a $100. With my tiny income from working with the bank I would save a portion of my paycheck so would have enough to print a new design. Being frugal with my spending is helping me to save but it does limits when I can produce the next shirt design.  

Obstacle #4 Theme/Concept – I first started with a Catholic-Christian business concept but after reading and studying Johnny Cupcakes’ story I wanted a concept that was similar to his – I know I shouldn’t follow someone else’s idea but just hear me out.  Johnny Cupcakes became successful because he made a joke into a shirt. His concept of replacing famous icons with cupcakes and bringing his crazy ideas to life got people to notice his unique concept. People started to share his story with other people and soon people all over wanted one of his limited designs. His work ethic and attentional to detail in his products and to his customers has brought him to where he is today. At this time I’m thinking of a concept base on my struggles, my journey in life and the influence of Christ. You will hear more about it as soon as my concept gets better defined.

My obstacles might be minor setbacks but I am determine to make this work. I’m happy to see so much support and having people in the mainland asking for my shirts. I am sorry I don’t have my website ready for people to order nor to do have a shipping process set up yet. I have a lot to learn and a lot of decisions to make.  I hope you guys can stick with me and see me make a difference in my life and the lives of others.

Important Note: I love to hear your comments or any questions you might have on my post(s).  Your comments will play a big part in my quest to succeed in my business. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Quality VS. Quantity

24 07 2012

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. In my pursuit to be a business owner, an entrepreneur with a passion, and man freed from financial worries I made some decisions that I wasn’t proud of. Most businesses cut corners to maximize their profits and go laughing to the bank with the money they stole straight from your pocket. In my pursuit of helping people I got sidetracked by calculating how much money I can make with each shirt. I am ashamed of thinking about money and not remembering the reasons why I wanted to make the shirts in the first place – to help the homeless. I hope you, my followers and my customers can forgive me for my mistakes. From this point on my products will be based on quality and focusing on the details. I don’t want to make a quick buck for what I do, I rather have people addicted to my passion and appreciating the amount of work I’m doing to share my passion.20120724-102219.jpg

That is why I am cutting my cost of my shirts from $20 to $18. I know $2 isn’t much of a dropped in cost but I wanted to be fair. I chose a low quality shirt, which I won’t be using from now on – HANES are cheap shirts and not best quality for selling apparel. (FYI – The shirts are a tighter fit). If I gotten a shirt that cost me $2 more per shirt it would have been a better quality.

Lessons learned from Johnny Cupcakes

  1. Quality > Quantity
  2. Build a strong brand with knowledgeable customers
  3. Exclusive shirts
  4. Pay attention to my customers
  5. Pay attention to details


Thank you to all my loyal friends and family for your support. EACH SHIRT SOLD EQUALS ONE MEAL TO A HOMELESS PERSON. The shirt you wear isn’t just a fashion statement of your faith in God but represent a mission to support a cause in helping people less fortunate. MAHALOZ!!!

Peter’s Principle

12 07 2012

A friend shared something that I found quite profound. He talked about Peter’s Principle.  The Peter Principle, founded by Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull, states that “in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”, meaning that employees tend to be promoted until they reach a position at which they cannot work competently.  Then employees rise to their level of incompetence and stay there.

The Peter Principle is underlying factor why we plateau in our career and in life. We reach a level where we no longer are competent enough to function.  I started to reflect on my career positions and I realized why I wasn’t happy – I wasn’t competent. I’m not saying I’m dumb but I am retarded. By definition retard means to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.  I become incompetent because I mentally decided that I hated my job and wanted to leave, which delayed my progress to learn and grow in my current job position.

We become incompetent due two reasons: we are not trained properly or we choose to stop learning. I believe more than half of our incompetency is due to lack of interest to continue to learn. We mentally block ourselves from succeeding because we make a choice not to learn.

Here is what we can do to overcome our plateaus:

  1. Destroy our negative scripts – Stop mental barriers that keep you from succeeding
  2. Learn from anyone who is willing to teach you
  3. Learn to teach yourself
  4. Ask yourself where you want to end up – Think of the end in mind and start with the path to get there
  5. Ask others how you can reach your goals – Knowledge is learning from experience. Wisdom is learning from the experiences of others

What The “FONT?!”

11 07 2012

Yesterday I almost had a mental breakdown – Why? I started second guessing on what font I should use for my shirt. I was planning on making stickers for my shirt so after I finish work yesterday I went to print shop where they made vinyl stickers. I asked about pricing and he owner said it’s base on size and how intricate the design is. Stickers like “HE>i” is easy and cheaper because it’s less difficult to take out the excess vinyl. After he said that I thought to myself “Man, my font is pretty intricate!” I started to rethink of my font for my shirt design because I want a matching sticker to go with it.

Lesson #1 Keep your design simple. Making your design fancy can take away  the message you are trying to share. Also simple is always better. So once I got home from the printer I started to look for other fonts I could use, something that was simple.  Lesson #2 Get people’s opinion and 20120711-130101.jpginput before making a final decision. Because I thought of changing the font for the shirt I had concerns for the cusotmers who pre-orders for the original font design of the shirt. To help me  make a decision I needed to hear from my customers what they wanted. Using a photo app on my iPhone I placed the two shirt designs side-by-side and posted it on Instagram for people to vote. While I waited for the votes to come in I informed my customers who had pre-orders that font might change and would understand if they would like to cancel their order due to the change, which was stupid because I should have inform them after the votes were made (You live and learn in business). At the end of the night more people liked the second font and my stress of my decision making was gone.

I appreciate the people in my life and my random followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and my blog. I know voting on a font seems small but it is a big deal to me and my business so thank you for taking the time to vote and putting your input.

It’s not too late to get your shirts reserved. I’m only printing a limited amount (for now). Each shirt sold will equal one meal to the homeless. Email me at glorifiedapparel@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.


Be part of a fashion statement where it is helping people in need. “What you wear MATTERS. What you DO makes a DIFFERENCE”

Inspired by TOMS

25 06 2012

Last Friday my book order from Amazon came in, one of the books was “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie. Blake Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS. He calls himself the Chief Shoe Giver – how cool is that?! I know most of you heard of TOMS but for someone like me I only thought TOMS was another show company but I was completely wrong. TOMS is company that provides a better life for children by giving something that essential to their daily life – shoes. When you buy a pair of shoes one pair of shoes will be given to a child in need. But if you want to learn more about TOMS and their movement checkout their site – just click “THIS”.

The book “Start Something That Matters” is a must read for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world or who wants to live a life filled with meaning and purpose. I was so inspired that I think I found my calling in life. I felt as if that this book was directly talking to me. I have always been interested in business and had the passion of helping others, especially children, and Blake showed me a route where I could combine business and service. I want to start something similar to TOMS by creating a for-profit organization to help less fortunate children. But for me to really get started I want to learn more how to run an organization like TOMS so I applied for an internship with them.  I can only hope for an opportunity like this but regardless if I get it or not, I’m going start something that will impact the lives of many children.

So PRAY for me and WISH me luck 🙂