Day 1

5 09 2012

Today isn’t really my first day of dieting. It started on Sunday when I got to binge on food. I ate everything I wanted to eat and ate when I didn’t feel like it. This I must say is the fun part of the diet. After stuffing my face for the past two days I moved on to the next phase of my diet – 500 calories a day plan. I know it might sound crazy but it isn’t that bad. I eat only lunch and dinner and one apple in between. My meals are portioned out with just one vegetable and either boiled or grilled meat.

This morning I was feeling a little lighted headed because of the lower calorie intake but overall today wasn’t that bad. I drank a lot of water and snacked on ice when I got hungry. I don’t see any results but I will report on my progress as time passes. I hope all my other friends are getting on the health lifestyle bandwagon.


Team Butchug

23 08 2012

For my non-Ilocano speaking followers “Butchug” means fat or chubby. I got inspired to write this because my friend started a blog on her journey to lost weight and to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I found it inspiring so I thought I should do the same. Check her blog be clicking on “THIS” ,  it will only take a few minutes to read and ITS VERY INTERESTING.

Unlike my friend, I grew up being the fat kid. Think of me as the brown Michelin Tire. I honestly had no neck growing up – sad story. It was until I started taking Tae Kwon Do during my intermediate school years that I started losing weight. My neck started to stretch out and my belly soon became flat. I maintained a decent weight throughout high school but that soon changed when I entered into college and enrolled into culinary school. Being around food and having a tremendous sweet tooth caused me to gain some weight. I didn’t go back to where I was but you could tell it was my 1st year of college weight. After I started feeling my medium size shirts getting tighter I was determine to lose weight. I got myself a membership to 24 Hour Fitness and started working out like crazy. I was so motivated that I was even preparing for a body building competition but that never happened since my trainer left for the mainland.

My weight always fluctuated throughout the years but this is the longest time period where I couldn’t lose the weight I’ve gained. I’m no longer wearing medium size shirts, I’m weraing XL now. There are major factors that played a role in my weight gain: my work schedule, my eating habits, being lazy, being in a relationship, my recent bicycling accent and surgery I had to undergo. All in all, this has been my heaviest point of my life. I’ve been tempted to do the Body by Vi Challenge but I was introduce to a new program. This weight lost program shows some promising results.  I’ve seen people lose up 30lbs within a month and keep it off. It is a strict diet plan, pills to help increase your metabolism and colonix (butt cleaning). I decided to take this route because I didn’t want to take a meal replacement shake to lose weight and not learn to control my appetite and train me to eat healthier.

I just started this program so I can’t report on the progress. I will keep you posted on my results and MAYBE even post up before and after pictures. During the time being I would like to wish my buddy Riana good luck on her journey and to everyone else who are making the choice to live a better lifestyle.


21 08 2012

I wish people smiled more. People can be so depressing and negative.  Most people are so busy with life that they forget how great life really is. Nowadays people focus on the negative part of their day so it makes them extremely difficult to find a reason to smile or to be happy about. I, myself, forget to smile. I become busy during my work day thinking of new reasons why I hate my job and questioning why this island doesn’t have a good job out there for me. But enough about me, I want you to smile. There is always a good reason to smile. The first part to help you smile is to be positive.

Do the following things every day and I am sure you will be a more positive person:

  1. Write down or think about 3 things that you are grateful for
  2. Journaling – Writing does wonders
  3. Exercise – When your body feels good, you feel good
  4. Meditation – Allow yourself to relax, giving yourself a timeout for your schedule
  5. Random Act of Kindness – Say something nice to someone or do something nice for others

Watch this video – This is where I got the list from to help you think positive.

Find a reason to SMILE everyday, then give people a reason to SMILE

Mass Journal

16 08 2012

Many of my friends are taken by a significant other, whether it’s by marriage or calling themselves a couple. I, myself, is in a relationship. My girlfriend and I understand that our relationship is built on sacrifices, communications and expressing our love for one another. If one of us fails in any of those areas our relationship begins to crumble. We need to meet each other half way when it comes to our relationship. We can’t expect to be in a relationship where we or one of us does nothing to maintain it. There is a difference in being part of a relationship and being in a relationship. Being in a relationship is a title you have with someone, being part of a relationship is when you are actively involved to maintain the strength of the relationship.

So why am I talking about relationships? It’s to help us understand the relationship we should have with the church and when attending mass or service. We think just because we are in the church we are part of the mass or service, when in reality we are just in it. Parishioners complain that the homilies are boring but we don’t take an active role of listening to the message. I understand some of our priests are not the best public speakers but they still do have a great message to share. They do their part in sharing the gospel and yet we do nothing to receive it because we wonder off during mass, looking at our phones or dozing off. When we don’t do our part to listen and take part in the mass we destroy our relationship Christ and our experience of the mass.

ImageRegardless of who is giving the homily there is always a good message that can be learned. That is why I’m going to start a mass journal. I learned this from the author of “Rediscovering Catholicism” and speaker Matthew Kelly. Every time he went to mass he carried a book to write down the readings and wrote in at least one thing that he found was interesting or something that he gained out of the homily. You don’t have to purchase Matthew Kelly’s book to start a Mass Journal, you can use an old composition notebook. Don’t need to be fancy, just don’t your iPhone or eletronic devices because it just looks like you are playing during mass. Being part of the mass means doing our part to receive God’s graces. So I’m challenging all of you start a Mass book. To listen rather than hear. To take part of the celebration and not just be a witness of it.

Moving Forward

15 08 2012

Hey blog followers! I hope everyone is doing well. I do apologize for my absence for the past couple of weeks. If you haven’t known I got my “Let Go, Let God” Shirts printed and I’ve been busy packing, marketing, delivering and just recently reordering because of the demand of my shirts. I can’t believe the amount of help from friends who are promoting my shirt on Instagram and Facebook. At first I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to sell the shirts because of the low response but people started ordering shirts once they saw that I actually printed it. Friends liked the fact it isn’t the typical shirt. Others enjoy the simple concept of the design, which I first thought it wouldn’t appeal to many people but I was wrong. A large amount of my supporters purchase a shirt because of the mission that came with it – One Shirt equals One Meal to feed someone in need. Whatever the reason is I am just grateful for those who are supporting my dream to start something that matters and being part of my mission to help other people and inspire others to take an active role in people’s lives.20120814-162028.jpg

If you want to check out for upcoming shirt designs, scriptures, events and blog posts then please like my business fan page. Thank you everyone in advance for your continuous support. You are helping me make a difference in this world. “Share Christ. Stay Blessed”


Share Your Story

1 08 2012

I love meeting entrepreneurs. Their stories inspire me to take risk and to push myself to make my dreams into a reality. As a young and new entrepreneur I encountered people who share the same desire of creating a business with their passion. Unfortunately, many of these aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid to share their story or their ideas. I use to carry the same fears as them. I was afraid of someone stealing my ideas and sharing it with someone else. I was afraid that someone who were better capitalized and established would reproduce my ideas and take credit for my intellectual property. But what I’ve learned is that most people are honest people and they are encouraging of your ideas.

I enjoy sharing what type of business I’m in and the ideas and concepts I have.  I share them because what I’m doing is ultimately what I am. A business owner is what he is because he understands why he is doing it. It is different from a job because a job is usually referring to what you do and not why you do it.

The most powerful story teller is Jesus. He shared different stories through the use of parables to share His message and to explain WHY He was here. He wasn’t afraid to share this story or His purpose. That is why billions of people flock to the Church and the teaching of Christ because we understand what He did and WHY he did it.

As a young disciple and entrepreneur I must understand the power of sharing my story and sharing why I’m doing it. In life and in business people believe in you or buy things from you because they understand why you do it. Stories are what bring people together. It creates a bond with friends who we shared experiences with. It allows business owner to connect with their customers and the products they sell.  TOMS is a perfect example. Before TOMS became a large company Blake Mycoskie would share his story and his mission and before he knew it other people were sharing his story.  and the number of buyers for his shoes increased.

The video below will help you understand the importance of WHY.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to share your passion, to tell your story and share your quest to greatness.  All of us have our own quest, our own journey in life, in our career, in school or in business. Tell people what you are doing and why you are doing. It holds you accountable and it reminds us why we got started in first place.

Why This Is Hard For Me

28 07 2012

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting my shirt design “Let Go, Let God”. It was a concept I felt that deserved to be printed on a shirt. In the process of designing the shirt I was reading the book “Start Something That Matters” from Blake Mycoskie, owner of TOMS. Inspired by TOMS and their mission to give a pair of shows I wanted to do something similar with my shirt by offering a meal to a homeless person with each shirt told. So thanks to you I’m slowly earning the money to prepare meals for my sisters and brothers who are in need. (If you are still interested in purchasing my shirt please email me at

Obstacle #1 Faith in myself – When I started my faith journey with Christ I was eager to have anything that showed I believed in Christ. I would buy a brand new bible, rosaries, books to read, and of course clothes. At the time Not Of This World (NOTW) was only well establish Christian store that sold Christian Apparel. After I graduated from college in January 2010 I started of thinking of starting a Catholic-Christian clothing line because I thought NOTW was only  Christian store – I was wrong. I found out there are a few well established Christian clothing companies. I’m second guessing myself because I have the fear that I can’t compete against with these companies. I don’t think I have enought shirt designs or any real concept to maintain a business.

Obstacle #2 Lack of Talent/Skills – I enjoy art and I occassionally draw.  I started drawing in elementary and I continued by tracing pictures or trying to redraw it by copying what I see. I remember friends would say I was very talented. Now, people asked me to do logos or draw pictures for them. I wonder why because I know so much talented and skillful artist that make my drawings look like preschool drew them. The biggest challenge for me is having the experience to interpret my ideas onto paper and putthing them on Photoshop or Illustrator and have it ready to be printed. YouTube can only teach me so much 😦 It would be easier to get a graphic designer but they do charge a lot, even if it’s a smiple design.

Obstacle #3 Money – After reading the book “$100 Startup” I truely believe you can start and operate a business with just a few hundred dollars without the help of loans and using your credit cards. Unfortunatley, printing shirts isn’t a cheap business. Base on the brand of the shirts you are using and the cost of getting the shirt printed is way more than a $100. With my tiny income from working with the bank I would save a portion of my paycheck so would have enough to print a new design. Being frugal with my spending is helping me to save but it does limits when I can produce the next shirt design.  

Obstacle #4 Theme/Concept – I first started with a Catholic-Christian business concept but after reading and studying Johnny Cupcakes’ story I wanted a concept that was similar to his – I know I shouldn’t follow someone else’s idea but just hear me out.  Johnny Cupcakes became successful because he made a joke into a shirt. His concept of replacing famous icons with cupcakes and bringing his crazy ideas to life got people to notice his unique concept. People started to share his story with other people and soon people all over wanted one of his limited designs. His work ethic and attentional to detail in his products and to his customers has brought him to where he is today. At this time I’m thinking of a concept base on my struggles, my journey in life and the influence of Christ. You will hear more about it as soon as my concept gets better defined.

My obstacles might be minor setbacks but I am determine to make this work. I’m happy to see so much support and having people in the mainland asking for my shirts. I am sorry I don’t have my website ready for people to order nor to do have a shipping process set up yet. I have a lot to learn and a lot of decisions to make.  I hope you guys can stick with me and see me make a difference in my life and the lives of others.

Important Note: I love to hear your comments or any questions you might have on my post(s).  Your comments will play a big part in my quest to succeed in my business. Can’t wait to hear from you!